Community Voices Articles

The Community Voices component of Environmental Dashboard is designed to celebrate and promote thought and action that build stronger, more sustainable and more resilient communities. Community members representing the diversity of this community are being interviewed to share their perspectives. Click below to view recent interviews or search by subject name, interviewer or any keyword or topic to view associated stories. Many of the quotes used for Community Voices slides are taken from these interviews.


Thomas Bethel

Thomas Bethel is the Mastering Engineer/Managing Director of Acoustik Music, Ltd.. Prior to starting his own business, he served as Oberlin College’s Director of Audio Services and Concert Sound for 26 years. During his time working for Oberlin College, he recorded over three thousand concerts and did live concert sound for hundreds of live events.

Francine Toss

Francine Toss graduated from Oberlin College in 1971. She is currently the librarian at Eastwood Elementary School and co-owner of the Carlyle Shop.

Tanya Rosen-Jones

Tanya Rosen-Jones Interview by: Melissa Cabat  Tanya Rosen-Jones is the owner of Rosen-Jones Photography. She is an Oberlin alumna who studied history. She now lives in Oberlin with her husband, who also graduated from Oberlin, and her two sons. She hails from Berkeley, California. Q: What words/images would you use to describe Oberlin? Why would you choose these words/images?  A: I […]

Kelly Molesky

Kelly Molesky  Interview by: Daniella Mostow  Q: How have you interacted with the Dashboard? Well, I work at the Oberlin Public Library, so it’s in my library. I turn it on every morning. I have also noticed over time how people will come in just to look at it, which is kind of cool. I think kids get a real […]

Marleen Watling

Marleen Watling is a librarian at the Oberlin Public Library. When the weather allows, she bikes all the way to and from her home in North Ridgeville 3 days a week. Biking has become a real positive force in her life, as a way of not only reducing her energy use, but also of feeling healthier and more connected to the environment.

Dori Tiller and Shelley Clagg

Dori Tiller and Shelley Clagg are committed residents at John Frederick Oberlin (JFO) Homes who put together a recycling program at the John Frederick Oberlin (JFO) apartment complex. For both of them, recycling and reusing have come to feel very natural, and they are working hard to share this spirit with other members of the Oberlin community.

Manuel Espinoza

Manuel Espinoza Interview by: Brooke Ortel 2014 When Mr. Manuel Espinoza first came to Oberlin in 1964 for a job interview at the local barbershop, he knew right away that he wanted to stay. A self-identified “people person,” he enjoys interacting with his clients and making them look good, one haircut at a time. Q: What word or image would you […]

Midge Brittingham

Midge Brittingham has been a resident of Oberlin since 1969. She is an alumni of Oberlin College, class of 1960, and is the mother of two Oberlin graduates. She served many years with the Oberlin College Alumni Association and is an active layperson at Christ Episcopal Church in Oberlin. She and her husband Smith enjoy hosting meals for international students at their house each Sunday night.

Barbara Fuchsman

Barbara Fuchsman has been an Oberlin resident for 43 years. She is a layperson at the Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. She works closely with the Santa Elena Project that supports human rights for workers in Guatemala. She enjoys gardening with her husband.

Caroline Meister

Caroline Meister is an Oberlin resident who works as a tutoring coordinator for America Counts. She hires, trains, and supervises college students who work as math tutors for K-8 students. She is a member of the Oberlin College class of 2014 and enjoys her work with Oberlin Community Services connecting college students and children and families in the community.