Lisa McGuthry

Lisa McGuthry

Interview by: Jamilah Grizzle

July 15, 2017

Lisa McGuthry is originally from Shaker Heights Ohio, and has been working at the Oberlin Farmers Market for about three years.

Q: What positive impacts do you see the farmers market having on your life and the community?

A: I believe that it’s really nice because you get to shop local. You get to meet lots of folks that are growing different products here in the community and providing products that are sustainable for the community and the growth of it. For myself, I love it because it reminds me of being in a hometown setting instead of being in such a huge city where people don’t care about certain things. It’s nicer to be involved here in this small town setting.

Q: What type of culture does the farmers market seek to cultivate within the community it supports?

A: I think it provides unity for the community. It makes it more personable where people actually know the folks that they are purchasing items from. I think it helps to build the economy in the community, where you’re shopping local and you’re keeping your funds here in the community for continued growth of the Oberlin community.  

"Shopping at the the Oberlin Farmers Market is a more personable experience, where people actually know the folks that they are purchasing items from."

Q: What do you love about the Oberlin community?

A:  I like how everyone is friendly. Even though everyone might not necessarily know everyone, but they’re friendly. They are welcoming and it’s really nice.

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