Mutual Aid Form Sign-Up

This form is to help build a network of people who can support each other through mutual aid in the Oberlin, Ohio area. It will match up people's needs to other people's resources or skills.

You do not need to offer something to request a need. This form will ask a few simple questions, including: 
1) How can you be contacted?
2) What help will you need? (You can leave blank anything that is not applicable)
3) What help can you give? (Again, you can leave blank anything that is not applicable)
You can leave blanks for most questions if not applicable. 

Please think extensively about your needs and creatively about what you can offer! 
The information you put in this form will not be shared publicly, it will be managed by a team of people in Oberlin who will match needs and offerings.

Friday April 17, 12:00 am May 31, 12:00 am | visit, view form through Contact Link


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