City Fresh Weekly Produce Pick-Up!

July 1, 5:00 pm to October 28, 7:00 pm | George Jones Farm

Short Description: Join City Fresh today! City Fresh provides fresh, local produce directly to you! Join and order single or family shares today for our 2020 season!

Extended Description: What City Fresh stands for: We promote sustainable farming and deliver food that is locally grown, nutritious, fresh, and delicious. City Fresh farmers serve as stewards of the land. We embrace organic farming techniques to ensure bountiful harvests for future generations and to deliver an abundance of natural and tasty produce to our shareholders every week of the growing season. We believe that everyone deserves a more healthy diet, regardless of income or circumstance, and we strive to make that idea a reality, one harvest at a time.

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Contact: | 440.707.6606 |

Sponsored by: City Fresh | George Jones Farm | Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences

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