Oberlin Farmer’s Market Survey

March 22, 12:00 am to April 19, 12:00 am | http://www.edash.site/FMSurvey

Short Description: All community members are invited to participate in a survey on the current and potential future role/economic impact of our Oberlin Farmer’s Market on the city of Oberlin.

Extended Description: Oberlin Community! As part of my downtown business representative role, I’m circulating a survey on the potential role of the Oberlin Farmer’s Market in our community to better understand how things like this could have a positive economic impact for all of us. If you are able to fill out the survey, that would be wonderful. Even better, if you feel comfortable circulating it to any other community members, I’m trying to cast a very wide net on this to really understand the comprehensive perspectives. Thank you!

Announcement or Event: Announcement

Post Type: Fairs/Festivals

Contact: jdnew16@gmail.com | No phone number | http://www.edash.site/FMSurvey

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