Bill Frawley

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bill Frawley

Interview by: Maya Blumenberg-Taylor

Q: What word(s) or image(s) would you use to describe this community and why do you choose these?

A: The first word that comes to mind for Oberlin is green, and the first image is a tree. Over at Harkness, we have two pine trees that are connected which represents cooperation and people working together, so thats what I envision.

Q: How do you think attitudes towards the environment have changed within your community? How have your own attitudes changed?

A: I wish I could get more people to believe that recycling impacts everyone, and thats not just here, thats everywhere. My knowledge, just from working here, has grown tremendously onstuff that can and cannot be recycled. Ive had meetings with Allied Waste, and there are certain kinds of containers and cartons that can now be recycled that couldnt be before. Of course I recycle everything that you possibly can.

"The first word that comes to mind for Oberlin is green and the first image is a tree."

Q: What actions are you or your organization/business engaged in that relate to helping the environment, the local economy or other aspects of peoples well-being?

A: We try to purchase a lot of our materials from local vendors. I try to utilize labor resources that are from Lorain county so we dont have people coming from Cleveland, using as much gas. We have some local vendors that take care of our maintenance that we contract out. As far as purchasing materials, those come through local companies in Lorain county.

"...stuff that can be recycled, needs to be recycled, and that benefits everyone."

We also have any construction debris that is taken away, recycled; we get special dumpsters brought in and anything that can be recycled is recycled. Thats something really positive, of course.

Q: What are the benefits of taking these actions (for you, your family, your organization, the larger community, and the environment)?

A: The benefits are you dont have as much stuff going to landfills that wouldnt be touched for a hundred years. Its stuff that can be recycled, needs to be recycled, and that just benefits everyone. It actually keeps the cost of things down as well.

Q: What is different about the way this community faces environmental, economic and social challenges?

A: The Oberlin Community is unique as it cares greatly for the environment. Almost every person in the community can tell you ways to protect the earth, from recycling to reducing your use of utilities.

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