Suzy Owda

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Suzy Owda

Interview by: Lydia Moran

Q: What words or images would you use to describe Oberlin?

A: Words or images? The first that popped into my head was small. Its very beautiful. I love like all the flowers and trees and its a nice community.

Q: Do you notice any differences between the Aladdins you were at before and Oberlin?

A: Oh yeah definitely the people here are a lot nicer to be honest. Its more friendly, its more homey, I like it.

Q: Do you take any actions within your business or personal life to conserve electricity or water?

A: Definitely, definitely, thats something that Aladdins as a whole tries to focus on we actually just had a managers meeting with all the managers as a whole of all the Aladdins about how we can save energy and water and all that. Basically when we cut cakes and we are washing off the knife we just want to not keep it (the water) running after we put the knife back or lights that are around making sure all the lights are getting turned off at night or in the basement if we have our light on we are making sure we are shutting that off. Making sure the refrigerator is one hundred percent closed and stuff like that.

Q: Thats great! Is there anything that you can think that you do in your home life?

A: Definitely. I learned this--its so funny and weird, I learned it inlike third grade whentalking about ways of saving water. They said, "Girls, when you keep the water running when you are shaving your legs it uses more water because youre not actually using it," or if Im just in the bathroom at all I have to make sure the water is off until I actually use it. Also not keeping it on when you are brushing your teeth.

"Sustainability is very important and more people should be focusing on it. More people should understand that this is a privilege."

Q: Why do you feel these actions are important, and is there something specific that inspires you to take actions like this?

A: Actually there is something important that triggered it now that I think of it. My family is from Palestine, and water is so hard to come by overseas. You have to purchase it and it is very expensive. There is not an unlimited water supply that people take advantage of here. Ive experienced it, Ive had water cut off on me when Im taking a shower overseas and its just a thing that I try not to take advantage of.

Q: Is there anything you would like to tell your fellow community members regarding caring for the environment and sustainability?

A: I just think that sustainability is very important and more people should be focusing on it. More people should understand that this is a privilege

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