Meet Our Team

The Environmental Dashboard has a decade long legacy of being a collaboration between students, faculty, community members, and staff. Hover for more information and to see what makes the Dashboard team unique.

Management and Research

Our student team and programmers are managed by the Project Manager and Project Founder, who are currently the only full time staff members employed by environmental dashboard. In addition, we work with a multidisciplinary constellation of faculty, researchers, part-time workers, affiliate scholars, and volunteers.


John Petersen


Was in a Russian dancing troupe in high school


Caleb Stripes


For four years lived aboard tallships sailing along the west coast


Madeleine Faubert

Design and Media

Is a cult baby


Gaurav Bora

Software Engineer

When he was seven he found out that he could play any song he heard by ear on his toy keyboard

Student Team

Environmental Dashboard has maintained a student team since it's inception, allowing Oberlin students to explore systems ecology, climate issues, community engagement, and web design/development. Our team is made up of a multidisciplinary crew including those focused on coding, editing, psychological research, hardware, and graphic design. It has been the focus of several independent student research projects. Driven and talented students looking to make a positive difference in the world can contact us at for more information.


Oliver Ripps

Software Engineer

Created The Meet The Team Page!


Jenny Rowlett

Hardware Manager

Loves chai latte


Sagana Ondande

Software Engineer

Loves cycling, running, and skydiving